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How does your lens color affect your vision?

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Shades of Grey

Grey lenses are the go-to color. They bring down brightness without affecting your color vision


Brown/Amber lenses allows for heightened perception of colours, creating the perfect sunglass for activities like freshwater fishing, sailing, and driving.


Green lenses are great for outdoor and sporting activities, contrast sensitivity and great for golfers, fisherman and tennis.


Yellow lenses can be spotted on outdoor enthusiasts who may find themselves having to focus their eyes on moving objects in low-light, hazy conditions. Yellow lenses are sometimes preferred by pilots and gamers or improved contrast.


Blue or purple lenses are both fashion-savvy and practical for UV protection. While the blue tint enhances the contours around objects and improves color perception, it also can have a calming effect on the eyes. Wear blue lenses to reduce glare during snowy conditions, while enjoying water sports, or enjoying sunny leisure activities.

Some other color lenses;

Gradient Lenses - more versatile lenses for indoor and outdoor settings. Allows you to protect your eyes and still see your device or book while sitting by the beach.


Definitely a fashion statement. This ultra-sleek look reflects light for a dramatic effect. What a stylish way to reduce glare since this coating reduces light from passing through the lens.


Great for indoor settings or high altitude settings as it improves contrast sensitvity and depth perception

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