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A Buyer's Guide

Here is a breakdown of some of the things to consider when buying a pair of sunglasses

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UV Light Protection

We want to keep this simple. We want to reduce those pupils from dialating when in the sun. Closer to 400 is where its at if you want to protect your eyes.


Lens Color

It affects what you see and how you see the world. Some typical ones;

Grey - brings down brightness without affecting your color vision

Brown or Amber - Increasing contrast sensitivity and can improve your depth perception however can affect colour perception

Pink - Great for indoor settings or high altitude settings as it improves contrast sensitvity and depth perception

Green - Great for outdoor and sporting activities, contrast sensitbity and great for golfers, fisherman and tennis.

Gradient Lenses - more versatile lenses for indoor and outdoor settings. Allows you to protect your eyes and still see your device or book while sitting by the beach.

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A filter that is built into your glasses to reduce your glare. It makes polarisation ideal for anyone that loves to spend their day outdoors particularly on the water and outdoor sports. Tilting glasses 90 degrees can detect whether your glasses are polarised if not written on your sunglasses.

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Here are some quick tips on styles;

Wayfarer - classic retro look and feel

Aviator - providing a classic tom cruise vibe to your day

Browline - a sheek and elegant style to compliment brunch with mates

Round - a classic vintage vibe that channels the 1960s

Rimless - quite a business matrix feel to your day

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You get what you pay for. You want to ensure the frames are solid, the hinges are tight or spring back and most importantly, the lenses serve their function to protect your eyes. Our glasses are UV400 Polarised Glasses and made from TCA which is most comparable to glass but are light weight and impact resistant.



All our sunglasses are the standard sizing and can be viewed in the descriptions of all our products. As we grow with Australia, we hope to provide kids and large sizes as well as welcome exclusive and luxury launches if you were feeling a little extra fancy.

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