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How to clean your sunglasses

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

We have all been guilty of the "shirt rub" when your lenses get a bit cloudy. Although a wipe with your shirt can be a quick solution, over time these shortcuts can lead to long term lens damage. Delicate lens coatings can become damaged if you keep wiping them on your clothes.

So, to keep your lenses scratch free, here is a suggestion;

Gentle Water Wash

1. Rinse your glasses

Using lukewarm water

2. Apply a mild detergent

Using a mild dish detergent or hand soap, apply a small blob to each of your lenses.

3. Gently hand clean your frame & lenses

Using your fingers and thumbs, gently rub the soap onto the front and back surfaces of your spectacle lenses.

4. Rinse your glasses again

Wash any excess soap of your hands and hold your frame at the ends of the temples (arms).

5. Shake the water off

To get most of the water off your frame, give them a little shake before placing them on a clean dry surface. A microfibre cleaning cloth would be ideal for catching any drips.

6. Wipe your glasses dry

Use a microfibre cloth to gently wipe all the surfaces of your lenses and frame.

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